Italian Commercial and corporate agreements

An agreement is the result of a negotiation between two or more subjects intending to regulate a legal relationship of pecuniary nature. During the negotiation, all parties want to prevail over the others, meaning they want to achieve the highest possible level of profit from the agreement. The agreement might not be closed, hence resulting in a waste of time and money for the parties concerned due to the fact that the deal was not negotiated properly. Requests which are irreconcilable with the counterparties’ expectations or even a wrong cultural approach are amongst the main causes for unsuccessful negotiations.

During the negotiation, economic interests and personal feelings intertwine. Some behaviours might be perceived as a lack of respect, thus making the counterparty less flexible and making the negotiation process more complex. The above is even more clearly apparent when negotiating with foreign subjects, where the cultural aspect is essential, as some specific behaviours might be mistakenly perceived as a lack of respect, although they might simply be mere cultural features.

Attorney Salvatore Aprigliano has extensive expertise in negotiating deals both in Italy and abroad (USA, South America, Middle East, Russia) and is able to assist his Clients in all steps of the negotiation process, from the beginning up to the drafting of the agreements.

The services are provided in Italian and in English.

Services provided by Aprigliano Law Firm

Assistance with the whole negotiation process up to the closing of the deal (both in Italy and abroad)

Negotiation of contractual terms

Legal, administrative and tax due diligence

Assistance with the drafting of the agreement

Interpretation and translation services*

Translation and legalization of agreements *

Assistance with the performance of the agreement (payment/asset handover)

Judicial and extrajudicial assistance with the performance or interpretation of the agreement

* Services provided by third-party professionals.


Aprigliano provides assistance with the negotiation and the closing of the following categories of corporate/commercial agreements:

  • Shareholders’ agreements
  • Letters of intent
  • Non-disclosure agreements
  • Property agreements
  • Sale of goods or provision of services agreements
  • Agency agreements
  • Trust deeds
  • Escrow agreements
  • Company lease agreements
  • Business purchase agreements
  • Tender contracts
  • Supply contracts
  • Surety/guarantee agreements

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