Investments in Italy

Italy is the Eurozone’s third economy, and the world’s eighth. It is one of the main accesses to over 500 million consumers in the EU market, and 270 million consumers in North Africa and the Middle East. Italy is also the second manufacturing economy in the EU, and the seventh worldwide (WTO 2016).

Encouraging foreign investments in Italy is one of the main priorities of the Italian Government, which is strongly committed to creating a favourable environment for foreign investors.

Today, investing in Italy can be a great opportunity, especially because of the several incentives available to companies planning to operate in strategic sectors of the Italian economy.

Under specific conditions, foreign nationals investing in Italy can apply for an investor residence permit (for more info, click here) and can opt for a flat-rate taxation regime on all incomes accruing abroad, by paying a fixed amount of € 100.000,00 per year.
Investing in a foreign country requires the assessment of several aspects which would normally not be taken into account when performing a domestic operation, as in such case the investor knows the Law, how to determine the value of the property to be purchased and which professionals to hire for assistance.

Furthermore, language barriers, the assessment of the local tax system, the transfer of funds from abroad and the lack of a harmonised International Law across several countries might delay or even jeopardize the closing of a deal.

Aprigliano has great expertise in the management of operations with foreign subjects in Italy, and is able to provide assistance as regards international transaction-specific aspects (such as drafting documents to be legalized abroad for the purposes of their use in Italy; legal, tax and administrative due diligence activity; assistance with commercial negotiations and with international payments).
Aprigliano relies on a team of experts in international transactions and professionals specializing in civil, corporate, property and tax law, for the purpose of providing clients with a wide range of integrated services. The Law Firm does not aim for the sole closing of the deal from a legal point of view, but also for a thorough analysis of the fiscal impact and possible Government incentives in order to maximise the profit originating from each operation.

Aprigliano is particularly active in property law (acquisition, development, sale-management) and in operations of both corporate acquisition and acquisition of shareholdings of Italian companies.

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