The Firm

Salvatore Aprigliano

Italian citizen,
born October 31, 1974
in Milan

Aprigliano is an innovative Law boutique focusing on technological development, key element to increase workplace efficiency and meet the requests of international and increasingly demanding Clients.

We focus on understanding and solving our Clients’ problems under parameters such as monitoring, forecasting and planning, which are connected to the need to increase advantages and control costs. Therefore, our idea of problem-solving cannot depart from the great attention we pay to the value and needs of each person.

That is why our organizational model revolves around our Clients and why it is designed to adapt the services we offer to each Client’s needs, in order to create the perfect conditions for a long-term mutual trust relationship.
Aprigliano is a leading law firm specializing in Immigration Law and in the corporate internationalization process, providing exclusive and customized assistance to businesspeople and foreign companies planning on entering and operating in the Italian market.

All services offered are carefully designed and tailored for the purpose of meeting our Clients’ requests. We take every single detail into account – our priority is to offer effective, precise and speedy solutions, as we are aware that time is a key factor for our Clients’ success.

Aprigliano Law Firm is made up of a team of skilled professionals with proven multidisciplinary expertise in order to provide integrated and versatile solutions.

We are also a multilingual Law Firm. Our team speaks fluent English, and is knowledgeable in several languages, including French, German, Spanish and Italian.

In addition, we can rely on experienced third-party professionals, such as consultants, accountants and experts in international affairs and transactions.

In accordance with the code of ethics and with the law, Aprigliano ensures complete confidentiality of all information provided by Clients, and complies with all laws and regulations relating to legal services and transparency. Aprigliano holds professional indemnity insurance with Unipol S.p.A., with insurance cover up to €1.000.000,00 (euro 1 million) for any possible damage caused to Clients.

The Firm was founded in 2002 by Salvatore Aprigliano, business attorney from Milan, and expert in business negotiation, International and Immigration Law.

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